Project Description


Multitechnology with customized programs ideal to solve the main problems related to body remodeling



  • Initial diagnostic phase: zonal photographic thermo-detection, insertion of physical parameters and tissue data, BMI calculation (body mass index)
  • Creation of guided programs: a specific treatment cycle is proposed on the basis of the data entered

Different technologies are used in each treatment.

  • Tissue Harmonization: modulated wave Quantum Sound and Photoquantum to restore cell balance through frequency re-information.
  • Preparation of the tissues to the action of impact of dynamization.
  • Tissue dynamization– specific treatments– thermo cryo, Push Impact firming, Endomassage combined with Radiofrequency, rhythmic Endomassage draining and modeling, Shockwave.
  • Guided programs
    Multiple possibilities to deal with imperfections differentiating the proposal according to the needs of the client and the planning of work in the Institute.

  • Advanced Programs
    For more experienced operators, the selection of the ADVANCED MODE and the targeted use of individual technologies is allowed.

  • Archive of customers
    Management software with customer data storage system and pairing of treatment packages with intuitive selection and search.


Photographic thermo-detection zone.
Morphostructural measurement – body mass index (BMI).

This type of radiation with waves/light does not produce thermal effects in the tissues but stimulation of the
physiological processes to increase cellular enzyme response. This special handpiece is equipped with light wave emitters:

  • 15 IR laser diodes for the stimulation of cellular mitochondria and with prolonged applications an intense lipolytic effect from lipolaser technology.
  • 24 High-power RGB LEDs for diffuse irradiation that stimulates membrane exchanges and improves enzyme processes and cell vitality.
In this phase the tissues are stressed by phono-particles with quantized energy (phonons) at intensity
variable for a specific action on the imperfections of cellulite and localized fat.

Combined technique to reduce cellulite and fat deposits. The heat phase stimulates microcirculation and raises the local temperature; the cold phase triggers a thermal shock (inversion of the thermoregulatory processes of the tissue) which accelerates the zonal metabolism and promotes the removal of toxins and of the edemas.

The endodermic massage is essential in all treatments of body remodeling.
Its targeted action on the connective tissue promotes the drainage of lymphedemas, vascularisation and tissue oxygenation while the rhythmic function of endomassage drains and sculpts perfectly the body lines.

High impact technology thanks to the simultaneous action of the bipolar resistive radio frequency wave and the rhythmic Endomassage. Resistive radiofrequency exploits local temperature rises to stimulate the production of new collagen and the restructuring of the supporting fibres in the treated tissues.

The emission of shock waves on the tissues promotes a targeted action for the treatment of cellulite in different stages.
The vibration emitted impacts the tissues triggering a metabolic stimulation of return in the connective and hypodermic. Drainage of interstitial fluids, remodeling and shaping of body lines, tissue relaxation and decontraction, neocollagenesis toning

This new method, called PUSH-IMPACT, uses modulated waves with pressure applicator (retractable electrodes) with inverted cone emission (pyramid form) for tissue regeneration and restructuring of the collagen supporting texture.

Technical Sheet

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Technical Sheet

Contact us to get all product specifications