Project Description

IR 808 nm Laser diode technology

For facial and body epilation: Safe, Fast, Selective and painless



The innovative Laser diode L.E.S. it’s the new frontier of laser technologies that ,in addition to the treatment of photo-epilation offers the possibility to carry out sessions of Photo-biostimulation for skin regeneration and for preparing the tissues for epilation treatment.

The light emitted by the Laser transforms into thermal energy that is absorbed by the bulb to inhibit the capacity of production of the hair thus obtaining an effective and lasting epilation.

The high energy supplied by the laser and the depth of penetration reached by the wavelength at 808 nm, allows to carry out the treatment even if the hair is not visible and still inserted in the bulb hitting the melanin in it (anagen phase) but respecting tissue physiology.

Thanks to the specificity of the wavelength, phototypes from I to V can be treated in a safe and comfortable way.

The Plus of L.E.S. for photo-epilation and photo-biostimulation:

  • Double cooling system of both the group of diodes inside the handpiece, and on the tip to cool the skin in the treated area before, during and after the release of the laser energy, for comfortable and effective treatments.

  • • Latest generation diode with window positioning and frontal emission. The technology “DIA” in combination with the cooling system integrated in the handpiece guarantees better dissipation of the thermal gradient generated by the passage of light and makes stable the wavelength emitted.

  • Flexibility in programming.
    The laser beam adjustment parameters are automatically processed by the device by selecting the customer’s phototype, hair type, hair color and zone. In case you want to customize the treatment has been provided the possibility for the operator to act on the parameters by varying the frequency, duration, and power of the pulse making the treatment selective and targeted.

  • The light emitted is able to cause a stimulating effect on the dermis and the epidermis, increasing the production of collagen, reducing the production of free radicals with a powerful antioxidant effect and therefore anti-oxidantaging that gives a new turgor.

Technical Sheet

Contact us to get all product specifications


Technical Sheet

Contact us to get all product specifications


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