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Medical treatment

Form of instrumental physical therapy that reactivates normal physiological processes of tissue metabolism

Diathermy Handpieces


Diathermy is a form of instrumental physical therapy that reactivates the normal physiological processes of tissue metabolism, transferring energy and applying to the biological field the physical principle of the capacitor and/or resistor.
The homogeneous increase in depth of the temperature generated by the electrode does not cause overheating of the skin.
The structures and tissues are treated through a complete set of electrodes of different sizes, allowing to apply the therapy in depth and effectively on any osteo-myarticular structure of the human body.
The displacement currents produce three types of effects:

  • Biochemical: increases enzyme activity and accelerates the ultra-structural metabolism of the human cells by attracting oxygen-rich blood, speeding up the flow and also facilitating lymphatic drainage.

  • Thermal: due to the joule effect produced by displacement currents, it induces deep and homogeneously diffused endothermal heating.

  • Mechanical: by increasing the flow rate of fluids, it drains the haemophiliac stasis and tones the vascular walls.

These three effects reinforce each other. The action of diathermy therapy therefore involves all tissues both deep and homogeneous.

  • Deep action: due to the deep action the energy associated with the diathermic “field” does not suffer any dissipation in the transfer to the tissue affected by the treatment.

  • Homogeneous action: the temperature increasement is generated by the displacement currents whose intensity is directly related to the force of attraction and/or repulsion exerted by the active electrode which is constant because determined at the same level of the power generator.

The main effects of biostimulation are:

  • Tissue hyperemia by dilation and activation of micro-circulation capillary

  • Hyper-oxygenation tissue with reduction of inflammatory processes

  • Veno-lymphatic drainage with reduction of oedema and congestive stasis

  • Removal of tissue catabolites

  • Pain reduction due to peripheral termination desensitization and endorphin enhancement

  • Decontracting action and relaxing of muscles

Technical Sheet

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Technical Sheet

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